About the Program

With the support of a faculty of advisors including peer volunteers, community leaders, and seasoned facilitators, participants in the Young Black Women's Project take part in workshops and meetings that aim to celebrate, empower, and inspire.

The program includes discussion forums, interactive learning opportunities, and workshops aimed at enhancing tools of self expression. Participants explore issues that impact self esteem and connection to community, and  come to better understand and define life experiences and identities.


Graduates from the program gain increased confidence to: communicate, advocate, negotiate for personal and community health and well-being, and serve as effective leaders in social and professional networks. 

Writing & Arts-based Workshops


Skills- building workshop modules focused on various modes of communication explore issues that impact the wellbeing of young Black women.


Workshops include: Writer's Craft, Spoken Word Poetry, Public Speaking, Painting, and Mindfulness Techniques, among others.

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Expert Speakers & Facilitators


Expert speakers lead engaging, thought-provoking discussions that explore a range of topics drawn from community feedback, reflecting the unique experiences of young Black women.

The YBW Project Book


Written participant contributions provided content for a publication that distilled the outcomes of the exercises, affording insight into the experiences of young Black women in Canada.


The finished compilation of works is meant to celebrate, inspire, and encourage young black women from all walks of life. Journal of a Young Black Woman invites readers to take part in a journey of self-discovery inspired by the women of the Young Black Women’s Project workshop series.

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