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Taking Opportunity, Loneliness, and Thriving in Your Comfort Zone

Hi Lovelies!

I wrote this after attending my first YBW workshop and posted it on my blog. I wanted to share with you all. Thanks in advance for reading!!

I signed up for this workshop series called The Young Black Women Project. I've just been on this I-need-to-learn-everything-about-everything kick and the YBW came just in time. The process of signing up gave me the same excitement applying to post secondary school did six years ago - I was an empty vessel agreeing to fill herself with the knowledge that was to come. That, and the feeling of not knowing exactly what this project would be filled me with excitement, wonder and a billion butterflies. I felt like a child again. I soaked up the information from the first workshop like a sponge but it wasn't until I got home where I had time to reflect and realise the real lessons I was getting from the YBW project.

Take Every Opportunity To Learn

I can never turn down the opportunity to learn. Myself and the ladies in the workshop are educated and on our paths to the pinnacle of our careers. But the beautiful thing is that we don't believe our education stopped at the point a diploma was placed in our hands. It is simply one milestone of many. With the way the cost of education is set up these days, we have to grab at every opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. As one of the beauties said during the workshop, "The wolf can come and blow your house down." I've learned that education is the foundation to my home - it is something that no one can take a way from me.

I Am Not Alone

For some strange reason - even though there are 7 billion people on this planet - I feel like I'm the only one going through some thangs. I thought I was the only black girl in her mid-twenties in the region of Peel with post-secondary education who is looking for knowledge on how to build her brand around sex and relationships. I sound crazy, right? Because I am! Walking into that workshop and seeing a flock of beautiful black women with their full hips and thick thighs; large breasts and small waists; hair in an array of styles; wide, toothy smiles and boisterous guffaws. These women were just like me; they were searching for knowledge just like me; they looked just like me. I felt like I had found my flock.

There Is no Thriving In Your Comfort Zone

When you find yourself a flock it can be easy to keep yourself hidden. I can only imagine that in a flock of birds it's hard to stray - the little bird doesn't want to mess with the pattern because they don't want to be the one to break up the flock. I quickly snapped out of that and realised that that mentality is deceiving because there is no thriving in my comfort zone. I'd just become a straight, flat line. Sometimes, in that flock of birds, you have to fly up to the head of the flock and lead. You may not want to be there; you may not think you're skilled enough or knowledgeable enough or good enough to lead the way to Florida when it's time to migrate for the winter months but if you don't try you will never know. And the great thing about a flock is that when you do come out of your comfort zone, the flock will be right behind you flapping their way towards the sun.

Lessons I will take with me for always.