• Vanessa C Spence

Internation Day of Action for Women's Health: YBW 1,000 in 7 Condom Drive

When it comes to women's reproductive and sexual health and preferences, there is no doubt that there have been great strides for positive change. But what has, seemingly, stayed stagnant is the understanding that the world has for a women's choice in regards to their bodies and sexual preferences. That's why we have days like International Day of Action for Women's Health. Today (May 28th, 2018), women and our supporters all over the world will stand up for women's sexual and reproductive health. The day will bring to light not only the issues we face as women in regards to our health but, the fact that many people can't seem to understand, that we as women have the last say in what our bodies go through.

Since this is the inaugural year the Young Black Women's project will be participating in the action as an organization, we have chosen to take action with our YBW 1,000 in 7 Condom Campaign. Our goal is to distribute 1,000 condoms within the span of 7 days to different black and persons of colour owned businesses and organizations in the region of Peel. The campaign will start on May 28th, 2018 and end on June 4th, 2018. With the distribution of these condoms, we hope to remind black women (and everyone else) that the choice, in regards to their bodies, will always be their own. Yes, there are some things they may not be able to control but if we provide youth with the correct tools they will be able to make an informed choice that best suits themselves and their futures.

Too long have our choices been limited to what a politician thinks our bodies can and can't handle. Too long has the word "No" not meant what it displays in Webster's dictionary and too long have we been taken for granted after proving time and time again that our bodies can go through war but still be the temple that their soldiers die to protect. Today, these issues will be drowned out, not only by the voices but, by the actions of women all over the world.

Follow us on Instagram @ybwproject for daily updates on how the YBW 1,000 in 7 Condom Campaign is running. If you know of any businesses or organizations that we can work with for this drive, let us know in the comments below or send us an email at ybwproject2018@gmail.com.

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